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I select the best water purifier

Understand Different Purification Technologies

Know the key technologies: RO, UV, UF, and Activated Carbon, each suited for specific contaminants.

Evaluate Contaminant Removal Efficiency

I Look for NSF, WQA, or ISI certifications and review performance data for efficiency against various contaminants.

Consider User and Installation Needs

Assess purifier capacity, installation requirements, and suitability for household size and water source.

Check Maintenance and Operating Costs​

Consider filter replacement frequency, electricity usage, and after-sales service availability.

Read Consumer Reviews and Expert Opinions​

Gain insights from real-world user experiences and detailed expert reviews to gauge reliability and performance.


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Sangeeta Dey

Sangeeta Dey has over 10 years of experience as a water purifier expert. She graduated with a degree in mass communication and journalism from Assam University. After completing her studies, Sangeeta began working for a water purifier maintenance service where she gained hands-on experience servicing various models and brands of water purifiers. Her day-to-day responsibilities involve water testing, troubleshooting issues, replacing filters and parts, and performing routine maintenance. Sangeeta has become skilled at diagnosing problems and providing solutions to ensure water purifiers are functioning optimally.
10 Years
MA in Mass Communication

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Pure Clarity, Trusted Reviews: Your Guide to the Best Water Purifiers
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